The Grisha Order Sorting Candle

The Grisha Order Sorting Candle

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What's your Grisha order? Find out with our new sorting candle: the rich and vibrant scent of orange, vanilla and spicy cinnamon.

The candle will change it's colour while you burn it to reveal what order you belong to:
Blue: Etherealki
Purple: Materialki
Red: Corporalki

Please note: the colour reveal itself after approx 3 hours of burn.

Scents: Orange, Vanilla, Cinnamon
Strength: Strong
Candle size - jar: 7oz amber glass jar is 8.2cm tall and 6.5cm in diameter
Burn time - jar: Approx 38 hours
Candle size - tin: 4oz gold metal tin is 6.5cmD x 4.3cm Deep x 4.6cmH
Burning time - tin: Approx 20 hours